Cristian Caceres Granda (b. 1996) is a documentary photographer & videographer from Lima, Peru. Their work revolves around counter-cultural community, identity & defense of the environment. 

In 2017-18, they won an Alan Model Scholarship for the Documentary program at the International Center of Photography and were selected for the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI as well as the Scout Film Festival as a grant finalist for their work to expose a fight ring that abused the houseless community in Brooklyn, New York. In 2019, Cristian was nominated for the World Press Photo's Joop Swart Masterclass.

After graduating, they traveled to the pacific north west to photograph the Forest Defenders of the Mattole River Valley as well as Tsurai Village in Strawberry Rock. They are currently working on a long term visual essay portraying their struggle as well as the connection they have to the forests they have chosen to occupy & defend.

In 2018 they began work on "Outward Bound", a visual diary around the various forms of life in the fringes of American society. Bent on creating a visual exploration of radical houseless youth, they have since lived and worked alongside travelers and activists that share the impulse of creating radical social change through art and education.

Cristian is currently based in Arcata, California.

2019 Petrolia Community Center Art Benefit Show - Humboldt County

2019 "Self-Love" P.O.C. Artists Collective Exhibition Arcata, California

2019 Nominee - World Press Photo's Joop Swart Masterclass

2019 Scout Film Festival Grant Finalist

2018 Eddie Adams Workshop Selected

2018 ICP School Documentary and Visual Storytelling Program

2017 Anti-Fil Counter-Cultural Art Festival Collective Exhibition - Piquete Fotografico

2017 “Censuradxs” Film Festival Collective Exhibition “Tarmiy Pacha” and “Estadisticas” - Piquete Fotografico

2016 Pacific University Collective Photography Exhibition

2014 CCPUCP Narrative Writing Workshop - Ivan Thays

2014 “National Initiative For Children’s Rights” Child Labour Essay - Second Place

2013 CCPUCP Creative Writing Workshop - Enrique Planas

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